Paint A House

Colors To Paint A House Outside

Everything that I have told you about how to choose colors to paint a house on the inside is VALID to select paint colors for the exterior. In this sense, I would encourage you to give two useful tips for the choice of color.

  • Very dark colors will suffer much exposure to the weather and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Soon they will be “dizzy” or vanished, so they “will look old at an early age. “
  • Considering that exterior colors are a way of communicating outwards, almost as a statement of what we think (or something like that …), I suggest you keep in mind:

Take care of a “too ostentatious” color choice, which may lead you to regret the decision in the short term. I say this … without the intention of discouraging you.

On the other hand, a very “played” color may end up wearing you out sooner than you think. To better understand the concept, I usually explain it with this example:

The effect “flowered shirt.”

When releasing a flowered shirt (or a risky design), we will make an impact; after some postures, they will remember in what other occasions we use it; and with time we will be “the type of the flowered shirt.” I think it’s understood.

Some Conclusions On How To Choose Colors To Paint A House

At this point in the story, I would settle for having achieved that your degree of confusion is less than you had before you started reading.

Let’s assume that in choosing colors to paint a house, there are NO magic recipes or infallible formulas.

It is true that there are criteria with a certain degree of social proof, which will make this election less stressful. They are the ones that I apply, and I have tried to tell you.

In the same way, beyond all the colors to paint that they can recommend you, it would be good to choose without ties:

The color that you like the most

The color that best expresses your mood.

The color that represents your way of seeing things.

Without caring at all, the terrible fact that ALWAYS (absolutely always) there will be someone who will not like it. And nothing will happen.

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